Individualized support, bespoke services

BookMark Tutors offers a fully customizable approach to learning. Our vetted instructors know that success means something different for every learner and work to instruct learners holistically by focusing on the learner's subject(s) as well as by building self-confidence through encouragement, setting manageable goals, and implementing different strategies to deal with educational challenges. We offer our instructors and families continual support with supplemental materials, recommended literature, computer or tablet applications, and an open-door policy to discuss any obstacles or concerns with our highly-trained educational administrators and senior instructors.

Online Teacher

Your choice of in-person or virtual instruction.

Teacher and Student

Educational Consulting &  Assessments

We make assessments readily accessible to institutions, families, and individuals.

Two children dressed up as super heroes

Super Readers offers an online, multi-sensory early-learning literacy course.

Typing on a Laptop

Our subject-experts can support all aspects of post-secondary learning and our writing experts can help with a wide variety of copywriting, editing, and content creation projects. 

Tablet Learning

Our education specialists have many years experience offering executive functions coaching, corrective reading programs, educational assessments, & more.