If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn. – Ignacio Estrada


Fully customizable - no "one-size-fits-all" approach to education.


Vetted tutors with specialized skills across all ages and subject areas.

Success is different for every person. What will make you successful?


Though failing is part of learning, it can be discouraging. One of our goals is to build self-confidence & intrinsic motivation.


Our experienced tutors know when to ask for help and we provide continual support with worksheets, instructional books, literature, and an open-door policy for discussion.


Our team of highly trained educators can spot educational challenges if present. We offer informal educational assessments that can guide parents and students towards their next steps.



Study Skills

Exam Prep





LD Support



Educational Assessments

Reading & Literacy


Writing Skills



Advanced Functions

Data Management

Computer science






Social Science


Thesis & dissertation review



Jewish Studies

Special Education

Study Strategies

Organizational Skills

Time Management

Research Support

Other Customizable Services

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And even more!

Executive Functions Coaching

  • Organizational skills/strategies

  • Time management

  • Note taking

  • Study skills and exam prep


Corrective Reading Tutoring

  • A direct-instruction program with a high success rate, frequent teacher feedback, and built-in opportunities to earn reinforcement throughout each lesson, even students with histories of failure remain motivated and on task.

  • Research-Proven Programs

  • Assessment/Progress Reports every 10 lessons


Educational Technology Consultation

  • Email questionnaire for family/student

  • Review of recommendations from Initial Consultation

  • A visit to your home from our Educational Technologist (approximately 45 minutes)

  • Meeting with child and family to review recommended applications and devices

  • Written list of individualized recommendations and resources, including hardware, software, and applications


Educational Technology Coaching Sessions 

  • Home sessions with our Educational Technologist (for both students and families)

  • Coaching on how to install, use, and implement educational applications and technologies

Complimentary Consultation Phone Call (30 minutes)

Families have a lot of questions and often, when faced with complex or challenging situations with their children, parents may not know where to start. Please call us! We offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your child’s specific needs.


Initial Consultation Package for Educational Assessments

  • Review of reports from professionals (including but not limited to Psychoeducational Assessments, existing IEPs, SLP, and OT reports, school report cards)

  • 1 hour meeting with parents and child

  • Development of an individualized, written support plan for the child, including connections to recommended support services and personnel

  • Up to three 10-minute phone calls for review or clarification


Informal Assessment of Academic Needs 

  • Students typically need a 2-4 hour, one-on-one assessment depending on their needs

  • A home visit with a senior consultant, during which a variety of informal assessment tools will be used to determine a child’s specific academic needs in reading, writing, and math.

    • These assessment tools may look at reading and decoding skills, phonemic and phonological awareness, memory and recall, handwriting, idea generation and written expression, oral language, and mathematical functions and problem solving.

  • 1-3 page written report on findings and recommendations (including recommendations for specific corrective reading programs, specialized tutoring services, and educational technology resources)

  • Telephone meeting to explain and present findings and recommendations (20 minutes)


Attend School Meetings

  • Educational Consultants often support families through meetings with schools, teachers, and resource teachers. We can share recommendations and results during IPRCs and IEP development meetings.

External Services and Referrals (complimentary)

  • Registered Psychologists (for Psychoeducational Assessment services)

  • Speech and Language Pathologists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Social Workers

  • Psychotherapists

  • Other professionals and resources in the community for supports related to ASD, ADHD, and Learning Disabilities