Frequently asked questions


What is the cost of in-home learning support?

We used to put our prices here, but have found there are too many variables we didn't consider to have a set price. The BMT team understands that every situation is unique and we work with each family to ensure their particular needs are met. However, to ensure our instructors only work in-person with one family, we do require a minimum number of hours per week for each instructor.

What's included in the cost?

  • One teacher contractually obligated to only teach in person for your family
  • Specially curated online resources
  • Unique projects tailored to Ontario Curriculum
  • Play-based, active learning
  • Ministry-supported curriculum
  • Educational technology support with an instructional designer
  • Reading recommendations from an on-staff, school librarian

Why are you more expensive than other places?

We understand the price is sightly higher than other companies offering in-home learning and we know money is an issue for everyone, especially right now. However, we believe teachers deserve a fair pay and we guarantee our teachers are paid a living wage comparable to, or higher, than what TDSB supply teachers receive.
We also only permit our instructors to work in-person with one family. Prior to placement, we ask in-person instructors to advise us of any employment or other engagements that require close personal contact with others outside their personal bubbles. Only instructors with no other in-person commitments will be selected to lead in-person learning.

Who are the teachers?

We have OCT, ECE, and professionals with teaching experience to lead in-person learning depending on the age, grade, and needs of your children & family.

How long is your day?

The in-person learning day can be adjusted based on your family's needs with a minimum commitment of 6-hours per week.

How many kids/families can be involved in at-home learning?

Learning Pods created at the beginning of the 2020/2021 school year can have between 2-5 families. Due to the 2021 stay-at-home order, at-home learning support should be limited and can be discussed with our learning coordinators when arranging support.

How will the day run/look like?

Our in-person learning support teachers will follow Ontario Curriculum Resources and TDSB Remote learning.

What curriculum will teachers be using?

Teachers will use a mix of TDSB materials as well as unique projects tailored to Ontario Curriculum.

Is French Immersion available?

French immersion is available on a limited, first come basis.

I am an OCT or ECE and want to teach or tutor! How can I join?

Please send an email with your resume and 3 references to

How do you teach students of multiple ages & grades?

Teaching multi-grade classrooms may seem like an impossible hurdle, but it's just . . . different. Some ways teachers adapt to multi-grade classrooms include:

  1. Focus on abilities over grade level - Even in a single-grade classroom, there are a wide range of abilities and teachers group students of varying strengths together to match and support different needs.
  2. Differentiation - Teachers create structured activites or use centres so all groups are learning at all times even when the teacher is actively engaged with another student or group.
  3. Incorporate Everyday Experience into Learning - Teachers can combine lessons to revolve around a common life experience that can bring students together and create camaraderie. For example, much of the Ontario curriculum revolves around the environment, which can be used as a common theme through all ages and grades.
  4. Flexibility - Mostly, teachers rely on their innate sense of flexiblility. No matter how much you plan, teachers know that it's the students that have the most implact on how lessons run.

Are you considered a homeschool?

No, we are not homeschooling. Students in our learning pods must be enrolled in a local school district's (or other private school's) distance learning program. Our instructors are there to supplement this distance learning and support students with their learning. Our instructors also do not provide formal assessments, evaluations, or reporting and follow the learning schedules laid out by the learner's original school. That being said, if students require supplementary materials, enrichment, or want to further investigate a topic, the instructors will be able to offer unique activities, projects, or other ideas tailored to the student's interest.