Calling All Super Readers!

Just wanted to tell you that Super Readers is going really well and I think it’s making a huge difference so far. Leah* is reading so much better and is more confident with me since it started a month ago. I definitely want to continue!

Do you want to encourage the love of reading in engaging and active ways?

Does your child struggle with reading or reading comprehension skills?


Is your child in SK or grade 1 French immersion and need English guidance?

Join BookMark Tutors for an introduction to READING! This 32-week course has been designed using current research on the acquisition of early reading skills and will guide your child to:

  • Become proficient in letter-sound correspondence

  • Expand phonological awareness

  • Master the 44 phonemes in English

  • Learn grade-level-appropriate sight words (all 92)

  • Read consonant vowel consonant (CVC) words 

  • Begin to decode more complex words

  • Write name using upper & lower case letters

  • Start composing sentence composition & longer writing

  • Use acquired knowledge to read at-level books

Our approach to Phonics literacy

We use Jolly Phonics as the basis of our Super Readers classes. We chose this program due to it's longevity, popularity, and and significant amounts of proven research showing its effectiveness.


JollyPhonics teaches the letter sounds in 7 groups of 6 letters at a pace of 4-5 sounds a week.


We also use the Dolch Word List to guide our site word recommendations. Compiled in the 1930s, this list was written by "Father of Site Words" Dr. Edward William Dolch. Using children's books of the period, Dolch compiled a list of words that could not be sounded out - thus, children would need to learn them by site to achieve reading fluency.

The Dolch Word lIst is used in many educational activities and educational institutions to help with reading foundations. These site words are also used heavily with English as a Second Language (ESL) students and language immersion students (e.g. French immersion). 

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