Educational Consulting

Your educational consultant is a specialists in assessing student needs.

Assessing your student:

  • Informal Assessment of Academic Needs: A visit with a senior consultant during which a variety of informal assessment tools will be used to determine a child’s specific academic needs in reading, writing, and math.

  • Review: Review of reports from professionals (including but not limited to Psychoeducational Assessments, existing IEPs, SLP, and OT reports, school report cards)

  • Write: 1-3 page written report on findings and recommendations (including recommendations for specific corrective reading programs, specialized tutoring services, and educational technology resources)

  • Develop: Create an individualized, written support plan, including connections to recommended support services and personnel

  • Coach: Facilitate learning through working with students in specific skill areas and help students understand their needs, challenges, and ways to better overcome these issues.


External Services and Referrals

  • We will gladly refer you to external services we think would best suit your child, such as:
    • Registered Psychologists (for Psychoeducational Assessment services)

    • Speech and Language Pathologists

    • Occupational Therapists

    • Social Workers

    • Psychotherapists

    • Other professionals and resources in the community for support related to Autism, ADHD, and Learning Dissabilities/Differences