Additional Program Information


What are the costs of BookMark Tutor's Summer 2021 Day Camps?

Since each camp is unique, we do not have a set price. The BMT team understands that every situation is unique and we work with each family to ensure their particular needs are met. Costs are dependent on: * How many children are in the camp * Where the camp is located; * Focus of the camp (e.g. camps requiring OCT or ECE teachers will be more expensive); * Supplies needed (e.g. a STEM-focused camp may require more purchased supplies than a sports camp); * Selected Extras (e.g. circuits, sports equipment, robotics, craft supplies, etc.)

How long are the days?

Your schedule is up to you! We are available 7 days a week and can adust our time and activities for your unique camp experience (minimum 15 hours/week).

How many kids/families can join my camp?

Our day camps can have up to 6 children.

Can multiple ages & grades join one camp?

Absolutely! Leading multi-age groups may seem like an impossible hurdle, but it's just . . . different. Some ways instructors adapt to multi-grade camp days include:

  1. Focus on abilities over grade level - A wide range of abilities just means instructors group students of varying strengths together to match different needs.
  2. Differentiation - All students will have opportunities to show off and use their unique skills
  3. Incorporate Everyday Experiences - Instructors combine activities to revolve around a common life experiences that bring students together and create camaraderie.
  4. Flexibility - Instructors rely on their innate sense of flexiblility. No matter how much you plan, instructors know that it's the students that have the most implact on how activities run.

What should my camper bring?

Campers will bring their own (nut-free) lunches and snacks on a daily basis and must come dressed for the weather. Other supplies may be required depending on the weather and planned activities. More detailed program information will be sent out to the registrants through email before each week of your camp.