Q: How long is the day?

A: Our learning hub day can be booked in 3-hour blocks.

Q: Who are your teachers?

A: We have OCT, ECE, and professionals with teaching experience to lead learning pods depending on the age, grade, and needs of the learning pods. 

Q: How many kids/families per pod?

A: Each pod can have up to 5 families.

Q: How will the day run/look like?

A: Our pod teachers will follow Ontario Curriculum Resources and TDSB  or your local school district's remote learning recommendations. Our teachers can also include gym, art, lunch, and other activities that fit into a regular school day. 

Q: Are teachers using the school materials sent by the TDSB or writing their own curriculum?

A: Teachers will use a mix of TDSB or your local school district materials and can also add unique, supplementary projects tailored to your child and to the Ontario Curriculum.

Q: Is French Immersion available?

A: French immersion is available on a limited, first come basis.

Q: I want to teach a pod! How can I join?

A: Please send an email with your resume and 3 references to info@bookmarktutors.com

Q: Why are you more expensive than other places?

A: We understand the price is sightly higher than other companies offering Learning Pods and we know money is an issue for everyone, especially right now. However, we believe teachers deserve a fair pay and we guarantee our teachers are paid a living wage comparable to, or higher, than what TDSB supply teachers receive. We also contractually obligate our teachers to only teach in-person the children within your Learning Pod to help ensure your learning bubble stays safe.