Supporting all learners

With limited time and an overwhelming number of students to support, traditional schools have many hurdles in creating an inclusive atmosphere for all types of learners. BookMark Tutor instructors can help your child gain their voice within their traditional classroom and begin implementing techniques to help acheive their specific educational goals.

Executive Function Support

The three main areas of executive function include working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control.. When all three areas are at stasis, learners are at their optimal learning peak. When any area is We can help teach the tools and strategies learners need to succeed in school and in life. We offer support to help learners:

  • Plan ahead and meet goals through organization and time management

  • Display self-control and self-compassion during challenging activities

  • Learn best practices in note taking, study skills, and exam prep

  • Stay focused on topics that may not interest them and break away from topics they are hyper-fixated on

  • Use mindfulness and grounding techniques to modulate emotions and improving the mind body connection

  • Incorporate technology and recommended applications to help support learners as they come across different hurdles

Corrective Reading Instruction

The  National Institute for Direct Instruction explains that corrective reading is taught to learners in grades 4+ whose reading is “characterized by misidentified words, confusion of similar words, word omissions or insertions, lack of attention to punctuation, and poor comprehension.” With positive reinforcement and continual feedback, corrective reading instruction has an incredibly high success rate.

Educational Technology Consultations & Coaching

It's no surprise that technology can enhance student learning, but which ones do you choose? Our in-house Instructional Designer can work with families and instructors to recommend and coach a wide variety of educational applications that support students' optimal learning. We can support:

  • Choosing applications appropriate for the level and needs of the learner

  • Using a multitude of different programs and applications

  • Setting up notifications, calendars, etc. for executive function support